Using the propreitary protocol Ledbee™ (based on IEEE 802.15.4)


Use Your Smart Phone and Computer to Control

There is not necessary to buy new machines or facilities in order to implement this system. You can use your familiar machines to control the wireless lighting system.


NetLED Functionality

Dimming ControlControl al lights down to an invidual level from 0% to 100%. Control from smartphone and tablets.
Group ManagementGroup light and control dimming by zones.
Suhedule ManagementDay, time, and degree of lighting can be scheduled by individual light and by group.
Scene ManagementPresent lighting patterns and lighting flows can be established.
User ManagementAdministrators can set permissions for limited lighting control.
Sensor ManagementMotion and light sensors can be configured to trigger and fully automate lighting.
Power Consumption MonitoringBy lamp, group, area, time, and such, power
consumption can be monitored.




NetLED Hardware


NetLED Engine

Installed in the devices and sensors of lighting products, to communicate and perform dimming control, tone control through NetLED Gateway. Using original developed protocol Ledlee™, based on IEEE 802.15.4. It is similar to ZigBee, and same multi-hop and self-healing function. Through Net LED system that can achieve efficient lighting on / off, dimming control, control and monitoring of various sensors and machines. Encoding use of the powerful AES-128 bit, which is good in security.


NetLED Gateway

Can communicate with NetLED engine. Communicate with cloud server throught Internet, and send the instruction to the lighting products.



NetLED Sensor

The greatest feature of this sensor is that it is networked into the system and can be flexibly used to trigger many different types of events. The analog sensor port allows for other sensors such as those for temperature to be connected.