HP-S20 Waterproof earphones

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HP-S20 Waterproof earphones



IPX7 Water resistance
Rabbit Support attachment fits your ears comfortably and securely
Ideal for wearing with sunglasses
1.2m cable with clip to keep the cable in place whilst active


Sweat-proof, Rain-proof and Rinse-proof with a secure fit and a clip to hold the cable in place, the HP-S20 Sports Headphones are perfect for daily active wear and strenuous sports or exercise. IPX7 – Water Protection The HP-S20 has a solid protection against water or any other liquids. This means you can wear them comfortably whilst exercising and also allowing you to wash them in between activities.*   Rabbit Support Each earpiece on the HP-S20 headphones sport a soft rubber attachment in the shape of a rabbit’s ear, which fits nicely inside your own. It locks the earpiece in place allowing you to move as freely and energetically as you like, without loss of comfort or fit.