Multi-function Hot & Cold Facial Device MXFC-1000

//Multi-function Hot & Cold Facial Device MXFC-1000



Multi-function Hot & Cold Facial Device


*Detect and treat blemishes at home for naturally beautiful skin.
*Spot detect function to detect blemishes or other spots and indicate by five different levels of vibration intensity.
*4 selectable Skincare Modes for intimate care: CLEANSING, MOIST,MASK, COOL
-CLEANSING mode removes fine dirt from the pores.
-MOIST mode helps cosmetic moisturizers to penetrate to the skin deeply.
-MASK mode delivers micro vibrations and switches to enhance benefits of moisturizing lotion and sheet masks.
-COOL mode firms skin with soothing cooling effect.


A brand new skincare treatment system with four selectable modes.
Simple and user-friendly design makes users easy to keep using.
Contains “Spot Detection” function to find out blemishes and spots, switch vibration intensity to fit in with actual skin situation.

Four professional Skin Care Modes


Uses ions* to remove fine dirt from the pores after the face is washed.
*Utilizes the potential difference between positive and negative charge.

2. MOIST Mode

Helps cosmetic moisturizers penetrate the outer layers of skin to deep moisturizing effect.

3. MASK Mode

Delivers micro vibrations and switches between positive and negative charge to enhance the benefits of moisturizing lotion and sheet masks.

4. COOL Mode

Firms skin with soothing cooling effect.
*Skincare products not required

Detecting Blemishes & Spots

IN MOIST Mode, Maxell’s Multi-function Hot & Cold Facial Device offers different levels of vibration
intensity to indicate when blemishes or other spots are detected.
*Spot detector also reacts to moles, brusies, and othre dark areas of the skin.
*Spot detector does not work when cotton is attached to the thermal head.
*Spot detector is not intented for skin diagnosis or treatment purpose.

Effective usage method

Facial Skincare

Place the thermal head gently on the skin, slowly moving the device away from the center of the face.

For the best results, start the facial with the cheeks (1) and (2), move onto the T-zone (3), and finally the jaw, neck and chest (4)


Model numberMXFC-1000
Input voltageAC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionApprox. 8W (During charge)
WeightApprox. 200g
AccessoriesPower adaptor, cotton ring (2), protective cap

*Product specs are subject to change without prior notice.
*This product is designed for Hair and Beauty salon markets.


MXFC-1000 User ManualMXFC-1000 Quick Guide