MXH-CX1500 Coaxial Headphones

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MXH-CX1500 Coaxial Headphones




Comparsion of CONVENTIONAL HEADPHONE and COAXIAL HEADPHONE speaker-driver-out In a conventional headphone, a single driver is responsible for the whole range of sound from treble to bass. Maxell coaxial headphone brings tweeter and woofer driver on the same axis, tweeter driver produce high fidelity and crystal clear middle to high range sound and woofer driver give out strong and powerful bass.CX1500_ghost_OUT_260314_V3

  • Advanced technology coaxial driver to achieve excellent sound performance along the frequency range
  • Compact acoustic design to achieve strong bass, high fidelity and crystal clear middle to high range music
  • Single button in-line mic provide control over most devices
  • Rotatable earpieces adjust angle for personal comfort
  • Detachable flat cable eliminates cable tangling
  • Carrying case store your headphone in safety and style