[Graphene] Hi-Res Earphone with MMCX MXH-GD300

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[Graphene] Hi-Res Earphone with MMCX


*Newly developed 13mm large Graphene drive unit.
*Detachable MMCX plug to match your favorite cable.
*Stainless steel alloy + high-rigidity resin case, creates delicate but powerful sound.
*Large bus-port design for rich volume of sound.


What is “Graphene”?

Characteristics of Graphene
Graphene is a thinnest but also the hardest nano-flat film extracted from a mixture of carbon atoms.
Due to it carries stronger molecular chain than diamonds, it is said that Graphene is the most advanced material in the world in terms of hardness, tensile strength, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

Effect on sound quality

According to the characteristics of Graphene, the following effects are expected:
‧Speed of sound transmission
Perform integrated profile with excellent reproducibility in the high frequency range.
‧Hardness that does not deform when vibrating
Suppress split vibration occurs during high speed vibration of diaphragm, greatly reducing the turbidity, distortion and attenuation of the sound.
‧Extreme light weight that allows the diaphragm to vibrate quickly
Graphene diaphragm exerts superior rapid response characteristics, enhances transient resolution and high frequency extension.