Nano-Ion Hair Dryer MXHD-1000

//Nano-Ion Hair Dryer MXHD-1000



Nano-Ion Hair Dryer


*Creates nano-ions to keep higher moisture content in your hair.
*Dries your hair quickly with 1.6m3/minute wind speed.
*Various hair drying combination with switchable three temperature levels and two fan speeds.
*Ceramic-coated far-infrared-ray net equipped at wind outlet.
*Double filter design prevents dusts from getting into the unit.
*Removeable rear cover for easy maintenance.


Smooth and silky hair can be created by utilizing the advantages of Nano-ions.
MXHD-1000’s unique driver unit realized this point by its capability on numerous nano-ions generation.

The Nano-Ion Effect

What are nano-ions?

Nano-ions are created when Peltier element cools down water molecule in the air, condense and combine with negative ions.
These moisturized negative ions are called Nano-ions, by utilizing the characteristics of nano-ions, MXH-HD1000 provides great silky and smooth effect to hair.

Effects test

The Nano-Ion Effect

Nano-ions neutralizes the positive charge of hair that has accumulated static electricity, and adds moisture, leaving hair sleeker and gentle care for hair and scalp.

Without nano-ions 

Hair cuticle peels, and hair
tends to lose moisture and protein.

With nano-ions

Moisture penetrates outer layer of the hair shaft, leaving the cuticle smooth and fizz-free.

By comparing the damage to the hair cuticle from brushing hair 500 times against conventional hair dryer
**Testing conducted by Maxell.


Model numberMXHD-1000
Input voltageAC220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption1200W
WeightApprox. 670g (including cord)
Cable Length2.7m
SwitchesTemperature switch: HOT/MID/COOL
Strength switch: HIGH/LOW
AccessoriesStyling nozzle


*Product specs are subject to change without prior notice.
*Coming soon in Sep 2019.
*This product is designed for Hair and Beauty salon markets.

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