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Luminous Hair Dryer


*Industry-first lighting hair dryer, dries hair by utilizing the power of light
*Keeps your hair hydrated and healthy as it dries
*Leaves 1.9 times more moisture in hair comparing to conventional air dryers
*Low temperature, never over-heating or drying
*Consumption at only 600W, conserves energy
*Three modes selectable(DRY/ SET/ COOL), fit for various usage


Just like turning the spotlight of your hair, llexam Luminous Hair Dryer MXHD-3000 features a brand new cutting-edge design — a heat lamp unit hair drying system (patent pending) that uses the energy of light to dry hair gently.

By utilizing the energy of light, this new design dries hair without completely dry-out, in which conventional hair dryer could never achieve. Luminous Hair Dryer MXH-HD3000, introduces you a brand new way of haircare..

Luminous Hair Dryer vs Conventional Dryer

Conventional hair dryer

Heat mixes with room air, which causes irregularities in the temperature of the air hitting the hair and tends to overheat sections of hair.

Luminous hair dryer MXH-HD3000

Light travels in a straight line, transferring heat evenly and drying hair gently to cause less damage. At 600W, the lighting technology conserves energy,  as well.

Testing Data

To test performance, dried hair with a moisture content of 13.8% was soaked in water. When the wet hair was dried with a hot air dryer, moisture dropped to 13.1%. However, hair dried with the Luminous Hair Dryer had a moisture content of 25.1%. Leaving 1.9 times more moisture in hair than hot air dryers, the Luminous Hair Dryer dries without over-drying.


Two sections of washed hair were soaked in warm water for three minutes and towel dried.
Each section was then dried for 20 minutes, one with a hot air dryer and one with the Luminous Hair Dryer.
Moisture content was then measured with an infrared aquameter.
Testing done by SOUKEN.


Model numberMXHD-3000
Input voltageAC220V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption600W
WeightApprox. 920g (including cord)
Cable Length2.7m
SwitchesDRY/SET/COOL/COOL Shot Switch


*Product specs are subject to change without prior notice.
*Coming soon in Sep 2019.
*This product is designed for Hair and Beauty salon markets.

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